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Explanation of Transfer Factors

Have you ever wondered how many components of your body and immune system know what to do and when to do it? When a bacterium, virus or fungus enters your body, dozens of immune system cells, molecules and body chemicals move into action and work to together to defeat the invader or kill a mutated cell that has become cancer. Once the battle with the pathogens is being won, this army of immune system components knows to quiet down and decrease activity. If they didn’t you could develop an autoimmune condition such as lupus, MS, diabetes type 1, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis or one of more than one hundred other autoimmune conditions.

Your immune system has smart cells or smart molecules that regulate all of this activity. One class of these smart peptides is called transfer factor. You have millions of transfer factors in your body right now. Without these regulators, your immune system would be chaotic and less effective. Transfer factors move throughout the body in a soup or team of communication molecules. Transfer factors belong to a class of immune system molecules called cytokines. Cytokines are communication molecules. There is a great deal of communication taking place within your immune system coordinating its activities.

Memory Molecules

Transfer factors also store information about the activities of your immune system. For example, when you had chicken pox as a child you didn’t develop this condition again. Why? Chicken pox germs enter your body off and on throughout your life. The reason you do not develop chicken pox again is that your immune system remembers the characteristics of the germ and how it was defeated. This information is stored in a number of immune system components such as antibodies and transfer factors. Transfer factors are more sophisticated and have a broader range of influence than do antibodies. When your body is attacked or cells mutate, transfer factors regulate a host of immune system components to move into the battle. Once the battle is over, there is a feedback function within the transfer factor soup that alerts the transfer factors that they need to down-regulate the activities.

Recognition and Modulation

Another benefit of the recognition properties of transfer factors is in the case of allergies. An agent that causes allergies should pass through your body without triggering an immune system response. When the recognition function of the immune system does note recognize the dust or pollen as an innocent factor, it attacks it and secretes histamine and other inflammatory agents. Transfer factors assist the immune system in recognizing threats and then can up-regulate its activities or down-regulate its activities. They modulate the immune system. Transfer factors influence the activities of a great number of immune system components such as natural killer cells, T-killer cells, macrophages, monocytes, interferon, a number of interluekins, etc. Some of these cytokines involved in inflammation are regulated by transfer factors. When your transfer factors do not recognize a problem, you get ill with such things as a cold, flu, infection, hepatitis, herpes, allergies, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and many other illnesses. Due to stress, pollution, pesticides, poor diet, genetic factors, mutating germs, etc., your natural body transfer factors do not do the job that they were created to do. What is the difference between a person who develops cancer and one who doesn’t? What is the difference when one person in a family develops the flu but another doesn’t? Why do some people develop heart disease but others living almost exactly the same don’t? The difference is in the immune system.

Your Immune System – A Priority System

Scientists in Japan recently conducted a major study of individuals who had low natural killer cell activity. Those that were low in natural killer cell activity developed cancer at a greater rate than individuals with a higher level of natural killer cell activity. The immune system makes all the difference!The immune system even affects your energy levels. Your immune system is the #1 priority system in your body. Why? Because it fights for your life every day. A simple cold germ would multiply until it killed you if your immune system didn’t stop its multiplication. Germs enter your body several times per day. Any one of them could kill you. Your body is constantly under attack from free radicals that mutate cells. Macrophages seek out these mutating cells and kill them. Once the macrophage kills the cell, it secretes a chemical that creates a fibroblast, which is very important to the birth of a new cell. Since the immune system is the priority system, it gets your body resources first when you are under attack. Think about how you feel when you are ill. The majority of how you feel isn’t from the germ in your body; it is from the reaction of your immune system. Your immune system uses vitamins, minerals, cellular energy, oxygen, hormones and many of the other body resources. When your body is under attack, the immune system drains the rest of your body of these resources causing you to feel tired and weak. Even a person who is healthy needs outside assistance to help his immune system. A healthy person’s immune system works extra hard to keep the individual healthy. Your immune system, on a daily basis, should function at 60-70% of its capacity so that when a germ enters the body or cells mutate, it can increase its activity quickly to defeat the threat. When the immune system is working at 90-100% of its capacity because of stress, pollution or some other reason, other systems will suffer and you may develop a health condition or experience premature aging. Transfer factors are very central to all of this activity. Transfer factors are even involved in the level of antioxidants in your body and within your cells such as glutathione, catalase and ascorbic acid. Your own natural transfer factors are involved in your body levels of glutathione-S-transferase, the primary detoxification agent in your cells.

Transfer Factors versus Regular Nutrients

Transfer factors work completely different in your body than nutrients. Each nutrient has a narrow range of function in the immune system. Nutrients can nourish immune system components, act as a catalyst and turn on certain receptors in immune system cells. Transfer factors regulate all of these immune system components. The influence of transfer factors on a particular immune system component is many times greater than any nutrient. Transfer factors, as smart cells, have feedback functions that nutrients do not have. Transfer factors actually enhance the efficiency of nutrients. If you have transfer factors in your body now, why would you need to consume more? Our transfer factors have been conditioned over hundreds and even thousands of years to deal with their environment. Modern society developed over the past hundred years; before this, your immune system didn’t have to deal with the magnitude of pollution and stress. There were no pesticides and growth hormones in and on our food. We didn’t have fast foods with tons of sugar and trans-fats. Society wasn’t as stressful as our immune system was developed. The stress of our forefathers when they found animals for survival has become everyday modern man’s fight to exist in an abstract hostile environment of financial problems, relationship challenges and attacks against our self-esteem. Our bodies pump cortisol into our systems, which suppresses our immune systems.Modern travel has created a problem for our immune systems. The immune systems of local natives had only the local germ species to deal with. Their immune systems were conditioned to handle the local types of germs. Now we travel within hours across the world, transporting foreign germs into local populations. The immune system is overwhelmed with invaders that it is not familiar with. Because of all of these reasons, our immune systems require assistance to deal with all of these new threats. This is where 4Life Research’s Tri-Factor with NanoFactor comes into the picture. In 1949, Dr. Lawrence discovered that when you transfer blood to another person, some of the donor’s immunity is transferred to the receiving person.

The History of Transfer Factors

From this discovery, research began its journey through the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Scientists believed they had found that ultimate immune system and health enhancer. They believed that transfer factors would be the ultimate natural medicine. As technology increased, more and more was learned about the benefits of transfer factors.More than 3500 studies were conducted and $40 million (USA) was invested into research. Scientists from more than 60 countries were involved in this research. Two developments stopped this progress. First was the development of antibiotics. Antibiotics were inexpensive to manufacture. They were effective. Antibiotics took the show. Another development was the contamination of the world’s blood supply by HIV and hepatitis C virus. Up until this time, the only known source of transfer factors was derived from blood. Research stopped in its tracks.In 1986, two hog scientists discovered that mothers passed down their transfer factors to their babies through the placenta and colostrum in order to give the baby’s immune system a chance to survive a hostile environment of pathogens. These scientists found the cows did the same thing. Often calves will not survive if for some reason they do not receive the colostrum from the mother. Research began to move forward again. Antibiotics still reigned as king in the medical world. Many scientists that worked with transfer factors derived from blood didn’t think transfer factors from colostrum would work, so they didn’t enter the research.Three events in history changed all of this. First, technology advanced. Secondly, germs began to become resistant to antibiotics. Third, 4Life Research created a large consumer base from which they derived a great deal of information about how transfer factors affected the health and immune systems of more than a million customers. Now research is exploding. Every year and sometimes every month, something new is discovered about the effectiveness and roles of transfer factors. 4Life Research first brought a line of Transfer Factor products to the market that contained transfer factors from cow colostrum. Next, our in-house scientists discovered that eggs contained transfer factors and the combination of the two increases their effectiveness by 185%. Transfer factors from colostrum and eggs were found to be actually superior to transfer factors from humans because animals are exposed to many more species of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Animals live in the wild while humans try to keep sterile. Animal transfer factors have hundreds of years of more exposure creating a more functional transfer factor.

4Life Transfer Factor’s Effect on the Human Immune System

As technology increased, the discoveries by the scientists at 4Life Research continued. Research has found that 4Life Research’s Transfer Factor containing both the bovine and eggs transfer factors can increase the effectiveness of natural killer cells by 437%! 4Life’s Transfer Factor product in one study reduced oxidation by 35-43% at the cellular level. No antioxidant known to man can do this and transfer factors are not even antioxidants. Transfer factors achieve this through their regulatory functions. In this study, there was an increase in the availability of the body’s antioxidants, glutathione, catalase and ascorbic acid. What was astounding was that the increase was from within the cell out. This is at the DNA level. Free radical damage at the DNA level is where premature aging comes from. Consumed antioxidants have to be digested, absorbed through the small intestine, travel through blood, and penetrate cell membranes while they are being used up along the way. Also this study found an increase in the body’s number one detoxification agent, glutathione-S-transferase by 150%. This is amazing. The latest breakthrough is the discovery of nanofactors. Nanofactors take our product to a complete new level of effectiveness and further distances our products from any known nutritional product in the world. Tri-Factor with NanoFactor is far superior to any known nutritional product. Transfer Factor created a complete new category of nutrient. Often you will read about a marketing company saying their product creates a new category of nutrient. This is a joke. There hasn’t been a new category of nutrition since herbs became well known in the western world. Antioxidants in the 1980s came the closest to being a new category. Since then, there hasn’t been any discovery that would come close. Actually, when you consider how nutrients work, transfer factors are not even nutrients. Transfer factors start a complete new category of agents that affect a person’s health. Transfer factors work through information and regulation. Transfer factors with nanofactors are a complete new category of understanding. Tri-Factor with NanoFactor is a doorway to a new world of scientific exploration. No other nutrient in the world can do what our product does. Every other nutritional product has many other nutrients that can do similar things within a person’s body. For example, mangosteen can inhibit COX-2 but so can ginger root, turmeric, boswellia, etc. Nothing can come close to regulating the immune system and health. Transfer Factor stands alone.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

From a competitive perspective, this is a gold mine. There are many different nutritional products. Competition is very strong among nutritional products. Morinda started selling noni and in a few years there were two hundred other companies doing the same thing at a much lower cost. New Vision even sells a noni drink that has eleven times as much of the key ingredient than the Morinda product. Xango’s mangosteen is the same example. Now there are dozens a companies selling mangosteen. USANA sells quality vitamins but so do hundreds of other companies. Agel sells vitamins in a gel form, but once in the body you simply have common nutrients. There are many competitive delivery systems such as sprays, liquids, sublingual that is absorbed under the tongue, and nanonutrients that are the smallest of nutrients. These markets are crowded. After eight years, there is no other MLM company marketing transfer factors. Why? Because extracting and manufacturing transfer factors is expensive and very complicated. In addition, 4Life Research has most of the patents involved in advanced transfer factor science. Older mature MLM markets are experiencing the crowded competitive market. Countries that have not been involved in MLM for more than 10 or 15 years are targeted by these “me too” products because there will be less competition, at least for a while. The challenge is that there will be a great deal of competition in time. Leaders will invest many years of their lives developing an organization and residual income only to lose it later. Distributors at the bottom of your organizational matrix have a tendency to leave when competition increases to join new opportunities. New markets like India are especially vulnerable because of a lack of information of the history of network marketing and lack of information on the variety of products and multitude of delivery systems, etc.4Life Research will be in a great position because there will be much less competition, not only from other MLM companies with transfer factors but there will not be dozens of companies with nutritional products than can do the same things that Tri-Factor with NanoFactor can do. Tri-Factor with NanoFactor stands alone in this industry as the only product in the world that regulates the immune system through communication and information.Tri-Factor has the capacity to help millions of people’s health throughout the world. It is fulfilling when you receive a major check and know that every dollar came from making a major difference in someone’s life. The nanofactor market is a potential gold mine. For the past nine years, individuals have consumed a form of this product with astounding results. No nutritional product has ever equaled this performance. Now, with nanofactors, we are going through the roof.We are fortunate that David Lisonbee decided to involve the consumer in marketing this product. Instead of going to the rich and making them richer, David went to people like you and I and allowed us to have a part in this lucrative venture. I have been involved in network marketing for 40 years and have earned a great deal of money. I have helped hundreds and thousands of people develop their own businesses. I have worked with many different nutritional products. I have never researched, been involved with, or seen anything like Tri-Factor with NanoFactor. There has never been a product like this and probably never will be again.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Research & Marketing Consultants projected that 4Life will become a $4-5 billion company in the next seven years. We are only at possibly $200 million. The question is how much of that $4-5 billion do you want your loved ones to participate in? I wish you the best! Mike Akins