Entero Health


This PRO-TF protein is amazing! I’m feeling stronger and gained four pounds of muscle!

Igor Feliz

1x World Champion IBJJF 2016
1x World Champion CBJJE 2015
1x Brazilian National Champion NO GI 2015 IBJJF
4x IBKKJ MIami Open Champion
2x Atlanta Open Champion ( 1x Absolute Champion )
2x BJJTOUR / U.S. Open Champion ( Weight and Absolute ) 2016/2017
Multiple times NAGA and NEWBREED Champion 2016/2017
1x Florida States Champion weight and Absolute 2016
1x South American Champion CBJJP 2015
1x SP Open CBJJE champion 2014
1x PR (Parana) State Champion
1x MS (Mato grosso do Sul)


I tried the products Entero Health offered me and was surprised with the results! I felt reborn! Now my body works better and I have such a reserve of strength and energy, ready to help me take on the day whenever I start it with RioVida. My training is more focused and explosive! Don’t waste your time with “boosters”. Get a product that supports your system and doesn’t make you crash. I highly recommend Transfer Factor Riovida! Thank you Entero Health for being about more than just profits!

Jorge Macaco Patino


First of all, if you never took. RioVida, you must! It gave me more strength & focus on my training! I must say that today-. I cannot train without it.

Flavio Alvaro


Thanking my sponsor Marco David Rivera for keeping me healthy and always showing support.

Victor ( Baby Joker ) Azeredo