4Life RioVida® Tri-Factor™ Formula is the most revolutionary & scientifically advanced nutritional product the world has ever seen!

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According to independent studies by the JEUNESSE Inc. Institute of Longevity Medicine & the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 4Life Tri-Factor containing products may increase immune system effectiveness by as much as 437%*. This makes 4Life Tri-Factor Formula 500% more powerful than any other known nutrient in nutritional or medical literature.

Over $40 million in research has been invested & more than 3,000 medical papers have been published, documenting the benefits of transfer factors. Only now has technology advanced far enough to bring this amazing one-of-a-kind product to the open market.

It is not a vitamin, mineral, herb, phytonutrient, fatty acid or extract from berries. 4Life Transfer Factor represents a complete new category and breakthrough in nutritional science. It is exclusive, effective, patented, and completely unique!

4Life’s Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula contains Transfer Factor E-XF™ & NanoFactor™. Transfer Factor E-XF provides immune intelligence and promotes the immune system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats.