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4Life Transform™ Burn™

Supports an accelerated approach to body transformation by igniting calorie burning and reducing hunger

Increases thermogenesis (energy expenditure) and lipolysis (fat metabolism)

Reduces feelings of hunger and improves feelings of fullness

Reduces body weight and fat mass

Provides antioxidants, which fight against free radicals in the body

Accelerates the metabolism

4Life Tri-Factor gives results you can see

According to independent studies by the JEUNESSE Inc. Institute of Longevity Medicine & the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 4Life Tri-Factor containing products may increase immune system effectiveness by as much as 437%*. This makes 4Life Tri-Factor Formula 500% more powerful than any other known nutrient in nutritional or medical literature.

Over $40 million in research has been invested & more than 3,000 medical papers have been published, documenting the benefits of transfer factors. Only now has technology advanced far enough to bring this amazing one-of-a-kind product to the open market.

It is not a vitamin, mineral, herb, phytonutrient, fatty acid or extract from berries. 4Life Transfer Factor represents a complete new category and breakthrough in nutritional science. It is exclusive, effective, patented, and completely unique!

4Life’s Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula contains Transfer Factor E-XF™ & NanoFactor™. Transfer Factor E-XF provides immune intelligence and promotes the immune system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats.


Pro-TF®  is an independently and university-tested, high-performance whey and egg protein to support your body transformation—whatever your fitness goals! Pro-TF is also the only protein supplement that contains patented 4Life Transfer Factor®, which has been clinically proven to activate the immune system within two hours.
Every two-scoop serving of Pro-TF provides 20g of one of the most advanced and effective proteins on the market. Pro-TF has been shown to increase metabolism, support lean muscle, promote healthy fat loss, increase feelings of fullness, and support recovery.



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Ross Greenberg

Technology Expert and 6th Degree Black Belt, Greenberg Consulting Group